Free and secure video calls solution for services

Make your consultation service accessible to everyone. Everywhere. Accept payments. Video calls for professional services.

As simple as it gets. RoomTV is a three-in-one solution for connecting with customers, booking appointments and getting paid instantly.


Reaching customers beyond your immediate neighborhood is difficult. Reach more customers and work from anywhere – just like your customers. Deliver higher value at lower cost. For both sides.


It is often difficult to get a reliable advice within a given time frame, budget and location. Where do you start looking for an expert you can trust? How understandable is their fee?

Video calls solution for online consulting, booking & billing.

Wider access

Reach more customers than you can in your immediate vicinity.

Home office

Work from anywhere – just like your customers.

Time efficient

Save time on planning, commuting, waiting, getting paid.

Television a Ancient Greek word τῆλε (tèle), meaning "far", and a Latin word visio, meaning "sight".

Charge by the meter or in fixed increments. Get paid instantly.

Serve more customers in less time and avoid the hassle of invoicing and chasing payments.

Designed to be compliant with the highest security and privacy regulations.

Ensures that private conversations remain private and that confidential information doesn't leak. RoomTV is HIPAA, PIPEDA/PHIPA, GDPR and PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.

Browser based solution for desktop and mobile users.

Simple to use for everyone from computer novices to coding gods. Works on all computing platforms and mobile operating systems. No downloads needed.

Familiar user interface similar to most video conferencing services

Consistency is more important than originality. Our platform interface is similar to other video chat platforms, which ensures that people don't get lost or confused.

MedicineLegal servicesFinance & TaxHealth & nutritionFitness trainingTeachingMarketing & Sales
Size of a company
1-9 employees
10-49 employees
50-249 employees
250+ and more employees
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